"I'm from the US and I watch Hollyoaks. Anyway their is this singer here (not sure if she's made it over to the UK yet) called Meagan Trainor who sings a song "All About That Bass" and I was watching her and I think she looks like the girl that plays Esther. Of course I can't ask any of my US friends if they think so because they don't watch HO and have no idea who Esther is. On the off chance that you have seen the singer what do you think, do her and Esther look alike?" by Anonymous

I haven’t heard of her but I’ve just googled her and they do look very alike!

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"will you please explain how calvin and louises murders happened please? Wasnt it announced like a year before calvin would be shot, how did it happen? And did you know louise wpuld die?ect" by Anonymous

Calvin’s death happened in the flash forward episode, which aired in December 2009. If I remember correctly, we only found about the flash forward episode and Calvin’s death days before it aired. We didn’t find out until May 2010 that Theresa was the killer.

Louise’s death was very confusing as it wasn’t confirmed straight away that she was dead as we never properly saw her body (we only saw her legs!). Apparently Roxanne McKee had filmed a scene which showed Louise alive and she was supposed to return to the show as part of Warren’s exit in May 2009. For some reason, this fell through and they brought back Gemma Bissix as Clare instead. 

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"So tom wasnt really bothered about cindy being missing or in hospital? Did they have the same mum or dad?" by Anonymous

Tom and Cindy have the same Dad although given how interaction between the two is minimal, you wouldn’t know they were related! 

I’d like to see more scenes between Tom and Cindy and Holly. Holly and Tom shared quite a few scenes and the two were quite good friends when Holly was younger but I suppose it would look quite strange now as Holly is played by an actress several years older than the character. 

Maybe when the full extent of Cindy’s condition comes out we’ll see more scenes between Cindy and Tom. The Cunningham’s have been in Hollyoaks since day 1 so it’s a real shame that the remaining members of the family ignore each other most of the time! 

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"Has Sienna's court day already passed or not?" by Anonymous

I don’t think so no. 

Patrick mentioned recently that Sienna had to stay living with him as part of her bail conditions so I don’t think the trial has been forgotten about. 

Presumably we’ll see the trial soon although it is getting on a bit given that it’ll soon be a year since she was arrested! 

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"From what I have got from the spoilers it seems to be a GOOD week with lots of Blake drama! From the spoilers it seems like on Monday dodger tells the police then Tuesday it says Patrick turns to maxine - but will she help him! And then Wednesday Maxine realises she's made a mistake! So I think that maybe she tells the police it wasn't him and them he jus turns sinister again and starts being horrible to her! I hope dodger talks her back into it tbh!" by Anonymous

I’m really pleased that they haven’t forgotten about what Patrick has done and that he’s going to get questioned by the police.

Sadly, I can see him getting away with it though as I can’t see the show wanting to lose Patrick just yet.

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Looks like a promising week! No mention of Freddie or the rest of his family!

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"This episode was a lot better than I was expecting! Seeing Myra back is great and, even though Sonny's last line was total cringe, I actually found myself enjoying that episode whereas others I've only watched because of how good Hollyoaks used to be. I hope they can keep this up!" by Anonymous

I enjoyed it too in an ‘it’s so bad it’s good’ kind of way! The whole thing was just so bizarre! 

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That has to be one the strangest episodes I’ve ever watched! 

Great seeing Myra back though!

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I’m really intrigued to find out how they’re all going to get away with this bonkers plan! 

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"Is there been a reason behind Esther calling the coffee shop magic beans! Wht does she know about coffee a silly move there jus because she needed to buy a business!" by Anonymous

I’m not sure if there’s any reason behind it but it is a bit of a strange name!

I’m wondering if she could be leaving soon. There’s got to be a reason that she’s used the money she found to buy the coffee shop, rather than just put it into savings. Obviously buying the coffee shop is drawing attention to the fact that she has just come into money and it surely won’t be long until Grace and/or Trevor find out about it. 

She could leave by going on the run from Big Bob or she could be killed by Big Bob. 

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