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The walls continue to close in on Hollyoaks villain Fraser Black in tonight’s E4 episode (April 15).

With Fraser (Jesse Birdsall) due to be killed off next week, a number of villagers are currently losing patience over his destructive behaviour.

In tonight’s visit to Chester, Fraser’s daughter Grace presents Joe Roscoe with a limo that he can rig to kill his nemesis.

Grace has arranged for Fraser and Sandy to travel to an emergency services ball in the car the following day. However, Joe is completely unaware that while he is planning to kill Grace’s dad, her plan will target his mum too…

Meanwhile, the Lomax family are also developing growing motives for wanting Fraser gone, as jealousy looks set to strike for Tegan when she spots him kissing Sandy.

At the same time, Sam and Danny are desperate for Ste Hay to fight for his future by admitting that he is innocent of the crimes to which Fraser recently forced him to confess.

Finally, Sonny Valentine is ready to do the right thing by revealing Jim McGinn’s DVD, which exposes Fraser’s true identity.

The only problem is that Nana McQueen has handed the DVD over to the local emporium among a box of junk - forcing Sonny to get tough with Dennis Savage as he tries to get the crucial evidence back!

[Source: Digital Spy]

Meanwhile, young Hollyoaks couple Holly Cunningham and Jason Roscoe are left stunned when they find a dead body.

The pair’s shock discovery comes after Fraser Black’s luck in the village begins to run out, with a number of his enemies planning drastic measures to get rid of him.

With Fraser sensing that his time in the village could be about to end badly, a dramatic week sees him plan to flee forever. 

Still smitten with Fraser, Tegan (Jessica Ellis) considers going with him, unaware that his real plan is to snatch their baby daughter Rose and leave without her.

Tegan’s plan to leave infuriates her father Danny, who becomes desperate to stop Fraser from taking his daughter and granddaughter away.

Elsewhere in the village, Joe Roscoe decides that he’s going to kill Fraser, leaving Lindsey and Freddie desperately worried about his safety.

Trevor Royle is also convinced that he and Grace need to kill Fraser before he kills them, so there are no shortage of suspects in the build-up to Fraser’s demise.

While most of the village are caught up in the Fraser dramas, there’s happiness for Cindy Cunningham when Dirk Savage agrees to let her move in with him. 

Holly (Amanda Clapham) is furious when she finds out that Cindy has moved them into the Savages’ boat, but when she goes to confront her mother, she is horrified to spot a body floating in the river. 

Not long afterwards, Sam Lomax gets a call about the dead body and learns that her police colleagues think it’s Fraser… Has the gangster’s reign of terror in the village come to an end?

[Source: Digital Spy]

Former Hollyoaks Stars to Appear in EastEnders!

Two former Hollyoaks actors will be appearing in EastEnders over the coming weeks.

Amy Downham, who played teacher Jen Gilmore, will appear in Monday’s episode (14th April) as ‘Margaret Cowie’.

Glen Wallace (Malachy Fisher) will appear as ‘DS Bryant’, who will be investigating the death of a major character. He’ll make his first appearance during the episode airing on Monday 21st April and is set to appear in several more episodes over the coming weeks.