"are you watching Hollyoaks regularly again?" by Anonymous

Not really.

I think what I’m going to do is Sky+ each episode to watch later so I will only watch the characters/stories that I like. If it’s a big episode then I’ll watch live.

It also means I can pretend that Freddie Roscoe and Sonny Valentine don’t exist.

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"does peri live with cameron?" by Anonymous

I didn’t see the episode but apparently Peri ran away to his house and asked to move in. I’m not sure if she’s been seen since (don’t think she has). 

If she hasn’t been seen, no doubt when we next see her, she’ll be back living with Leela and her wanting to live with Cameron will not be mentioned. 

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"when are the lomaxs back on screen? and whats up next for them?" by Anonymous

Not sure at the moment, sorry. 

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"In the flat that the O'Connors live in does Tony own it? Because Tony always seems to be the one who moves out of the house." by Anonymous

Yeah it’s Tony’s flat. He’s lived in it for years This makes it all the more strange that he’s the one who keeps being told to leave! 

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"What year is this last give with Cindy from? Also: Great to have you back ;-)" by Anonymous

It’s from 2010 (specifically, 24th September).

Thank you! 

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"How long has it been since Mal died :0" by Anonymous

4 years in November! Doesn’t seem like that long! 

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Best Episode in Ages!

I’ve been incredibly critical of Hollyoaks’ current output recently and I even stopped watching for a whole 6 episodes! But I’d heard some positive things about the last couple episodes and, in particular, tonight’s (Friday 28th) E4 episode so I decided to tune in. And I’m very pleased that I did!

Tonight, nobody was kidnapped. Nobody was blackmailed. Nobody was murdered. Nothing was blown up. Nobody was set up for something they didn’t do. There was no Freddie Roscoe. Yet they still created a good and very enjoyable episode. The episode was about the characters and their various reactions to what had just happened. We didn’t have unnecessary twists added on just to try and make the episode more exciting (knowing Hollyoaks, I was half expecting the police station to blow up as Finn was being interviewed). 

Episodes like tonight’s prove that when Hollyoaks put their mind to it, they can produce some great TV! The acting from all involved was brilliant and the writing was also strong.

I just hope that Hollyoaks don’t treat this story like the domestic abuse one and drop it for several weeks just episodes after the reveal. That would be a real shame. 

Well done to all involved on a brilliant episode! 

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"What are yur opinions of the fact that Sienna will nearly kill dodger by stabbing him in order to stop him leaving with Maxine" by Anonymous

I’m not too happy about it to be honest.

As I’ve said before, it might look good on paper to have Sienna do all these terrible things but if they want to keep her in the show long term, they’re going to have to tone it down. She can’t keep getting away with things.

If Sienna carries on like this, sadly I can’t see her still being around in 6 months time. 

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