"wait mercy is leaving? I thought it was Carmel" by smoaksolicitys

They’re both going. It was only announced today that Jennifer Metcalfe was going too. More info below:

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"Which characters do you think are the least used before you stopped watching Hollyoaks." by Anonymous

Definitely Esther! Phoebe was underused too. 

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"You're right. Hollyoaks is utter shit atm. I can't believe how badly BK has ruined it. With Mercedes leaving as well, I think I'm about ready to give up completely." by laurieduncanfans

It’s really sad to see what’s become of the show under his leadership. I don’t blame you for wanting to give up! 

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Another Cast Member to Leave!

Following the news that Gemma Merna is to leave Hollyoaks, it’s been announced today that Jennifer Metcalfe, who plays Mercedes, is following Gemma out the door.

The phrase “rats leaving a sinking ship” springs to mind.

Now whatever you do, Hollyoaks, make sure you keep hold of Nick Pickard, Stephanie Waring, Jimmy McKenna, Helen Pearson, Kieron Richardson, Jessica Fox and Ashley Taylor Dawson. The show really can’t afford to lose any more long serving actors.

(Also keep hold of Danny Mac, Anna Passey and Kirsty-Leigh Porter).

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"How do you think Carmel will be written out? Do you think she'll be killed off? Also what did you think about the stupid scar storyline?" by azziemusical

Knowing Hollyoaks, they’ll kill her off. I hope not though! 

I thought the scar story started off with lots of potential. It was especially good to give this story to Carmel, as she was a beautician and her looks were very important to her. They had the chance to really develop Carmel’s character and have her be more than the ‘blonde bimbo’ she’d been previously.

I was disappointed by the way it was brushed under the carpet so quickly afterwards though, her going off to have surgery and that being the end of it. It would have been nice to see a soap actually do one of these stories justice and see it through. It would have been interesting to see Carmel learn to live with her scar, as many people in real life have to. 

I understand though that the scar was probably a complete nightmare from a continuity perspective and it probably meant a lot of extra time in make up for Gemma Merna! 

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"Can you even ask yourself questions on tumblr haha?? I didn't know you could:0" by Anonymous

I’ve no idea!

I’m just going to assume that that previous anon is a massive Hollyoaks fan who can’t take criticism of the show and hates the fact that some people agree with my opinion on the state of the show right now. They’re taking comfort from their belief that I’m sending the messages to myself. After all, one person criticising the show isn’t as bad as 10 people criticising it (or however many people agree with me!) 

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"I missed hollyoaks tonight (6:30 and 7) what happened on them?" by Anonymous

I didn’t watch them, sorry. 

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"It's so obvious that you write all these anonymous questions to yourself lol" by Anonymous

Course I do. Care to explain how you’ve reached this incorrect conclusion? 

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"Can you explain the history between Finn and Amber please? x" by Anonymous

I’ll give it a go!

When Finn and Amber were last in the show together, both were played by different actors. That’s not really relevant though, just a bit of trivia!

Finn and Amber both started at Hollyoaks High at the same time. Both were having family troubles too. Amber had just found out that her dad had a whole other family that he’d been keeping a secret and Diane was obsessed with having a child of her own, meaning Finn felt unwanted. 

Amber and Finn then had sex as a way of trying to deal with their problems and Amber became pregnant. At this point, the Sharpe’s had moved in with the O’Connors after a fire. When Diane found out about the pregnancy, she begged Amber not to have an abortion and offered to bring the baby up as her own. However, when she found out that the baby was Finn’s, this idea was abandoned and the Sharpe’s left the village (all in the same episode!) The story was all wrapped up very quickly as the Sharpe’s were written out at short notice having not really worked out on screen.

In June 2011, Finn got a text from Amber telling him that she’d given birth to a baby girl, Bella. It was suggested at this time that the baby was going to be put up for adoption (Sinead asked Finn if he wanted to see the baby before she was adopted and he said no) but obviously this never went ahead.  

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