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10 things I love about Hollyoaks!

As some people seem to not like anything negative being said about Hollyoaks (ever!), I thought I would do a post detailing some of the things I like about the show.

  1. Sienna: Sienna’s a really interesting character as she’s a villain you can’t help but feel sorry for and I think part of that is down to how well acted she is. With a dad like Patrick, it’s very easy to see how she ended up the way she did. She’s been a bit quieter recently but over the next few weeks her story will take centre stage again as she tries to worm her way into the Lomax family!
  2. Dennis and Blessing: I love these two! They’re exactly the type of characters that Hollyoaks needs. Good, fun characters in amongst all the drama.
  3. Leah and Lucas: They’re only young so they don’t appear very often but they brighten up every episode they appear in!
  4. Leela: It’s funny as when the Lomax’s first arrived, Tegan was my favourite and Leela was near the bottom but over the last couple of months, they’ve switched places. Leela’s great and she’s definitely my favourite member of the family, with Sam coming a close 2nd.
  5. Cindy/Lindsey/Mercedes: I’ve loved how these three have bonded after playing a part in Browning’s death. They work really well as a friendship group despite Lindsey being quite different to the other two. I hope that their scenes continue now that the Browning story appears to have concluded. 
  6. Cindy and Dirk: They shouldn’t work, but they do!
  7. Jason Roscoe: I think Jason’s lovely! The complete opposite of his dickhead twin! It’s been hinted over the past few months that Jason has body issues and I’ve heard that that’s going to be explored further. His relationship with Holly is also very sweet!
  8. Tony Hutchinson: Another one who brightens up any episode he appears in! It was a bit weird, but I loved that little video of himself singing that he accidentally played in The Hutch this week! 
  9. The Osborne’s: A brilliant family who I always enjoy watching!
  10. The reason I started watching Hollyoaks in the first place: It’s different to the other soaps and I genuinely believe that when Hollyoaks is at the top of it’s game, it’s better than the bigger soaps. It’s not afraid to tackle issues that the other soaps wouldn’t touch (where else would you see a serial killer granddad?!) and is able to experiment with things like incidental music and various effects. When Hollyoaks is good, it’s unbeatable! 

A rant!

I’ve been quite critical of Hollyoaks recently on Twitter and tonight was the 3rd time in a couple of days that I’ve been told I can’t be a ‘true fan’ of the show because I dare to criticise it and say that I don’t like something. What is a ‘true fan’ anyway?!

One of the things that I said is that I was more interested in EastEnders’ current whodunnit plot than I was with Hollyoaks’. Sorry Hollyoaks, but as much as I love you, EastEnders have blown you out of the water with their plot! Fraser was an awful character and I’m so glad that someone has killed him! Gangsters and soaps are never a good combination (EastEnders and Brookside both had their weakest times when gangsters were at the forefront of the show). 

One of the reasons that I prefer the EastEnders story is because Hollyoaks have completely overdone death. It seems not a week goes by were somebody doesn’t drop down dead. Death (like any story I suppose) loses its impact when it’s done too often. We’re only in April and already 5 characters have been killed off on screen this year (and all but one of those were the result of a murder). I feel that that’s why I just don’t care about this story. Deaths in Hollyoaks are regular events now.

Here’s something to illustrate my point: Lets say that your favourite food was Chinese and you had a Chinese takeaway once a fortnight. If you suddenly started to have a Chinese every day, you’d get bored of it after a couple of weeks and want something else. It’s the same with Hollyoaks’ death obsession. You start to overdo something and it becomes boring and predictable. 

Are you only a ‘true’ fan of Hollyoaks if you love every character? Love every story? Constantly arse lick the cast?

When watching Hollyoaks can you honestly say that there’s not one thing you don’t like (character or story?). If the answer is no then according to some people, you’re not a fan of the show. 

There are things about Hollyoaks that I like and things that I don’t like. I don’t like the whodunnit story, I don’t like the Roscoe’s (bar Jason, Robbie and Lindsey), I don’t like Sonny, I don’t like the obsession with death and OMG moments. However, I do like Darren and Nancy, Tom, Jack and Frankie, Leela, Cindy, Tony and Sienna’s story (she’s a complete joy to watch!).

So yeah, I might be a bit critical of Hollyoaks sometimes but only when I feel it deserves it. If people can’t take a bit of criticism about their favourite show then they’re the ones with the problem. 

Rant over!