Over on Hollyoaks, Ste Hay is a changed man when he arrives back in the village later this month.

Ste (Kieron Richardson) has been away visiting Cheryl Brady following Brendan’s dramatic departure. However, the time away doesn’t seem to have done him much good as he remains in a dark mood.

Spotting that Kevin Foster (Elliot Balchin) has also returned to the village, Ste is livid that the schemer has dared to show his face again after the way he treated Brendan.

Quick to get his revenge, the red mist descends on Ste and he beats Kevin to a pulp…

It’s clear that Ste is missing Brendan as he starts to regard Chez Chez as the only place that feels like home, which leads him to announce that he wants to sell his half of the deli and buy the club.

Needing some cash quickly, Ste notices the money-making ability of troublesome newcomer Robbie Roscoe, who is planning a rave at Chez Chez.

Ste decides that he wants to join forces with Robbie in planning the event, although he’s slightly wary when he spots the sixth former with a bag of pills.

On the night of the rave, Robbie spikes Callum Kane’s beer with drugs, feeling jealous after spotting him kissing Holly Cunningham.

In a twist, though, it’s actually Maxine Minniver (Nikki Sanderson) who ends up with the beer. Reacting badly to the dangerous concoction, she falls unconscious.

When the police arrive and raid the club, will Robbie and Ste find themselves in trouble or escape detection? And will Maxine be okay?

[Source: Digital Spy]

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