Over on Hollyoaks, fans can look forward to Karen Hassan’s return scenes as her character Lynsey Nolan makes a surprise reappearance.

The story twist occurs after Lynsey’s killer Doctor Browning (Joseph Thompson) returns home from honeymoon with new wife Mercedes.

Browning is brought back to reality with a bang upon his return as his mystery stalker strikes again, sending him a wreath with a label which reads: “RIP Lynsey.”

The twisted doc is soon haunted by thoughts of his murder victim and at one point he even thinks that he sees Lynsey in his office. However, when he looks again, it turns out to be the new Lindsey (Sophie Austin). Is Browning losing it, and will he see more visions of Lynsey?

Is Browning losing it?

Rattled by the strange goings-on, Browning confronts Mercedes as he believes that she’s the one playing tricks on him.

Mercedes protests her innocence, but does reveal another possible culprit as she explains that her mum Myra now knows the truth about Lynsey’s murder.

As the week continues, Browning goes for an interview for a consultant position at the hospital and is concerned when talk turns to Lynsey.

When Browning then finds press cuttings regarding Lynsey’s murder in his files, he lashes out at the interviewer in anger - which leads to him being suspended from the hospital.

Now certain that Myra is the one messing with him, Browning later forces her up against a wall and warns her to stop her games. Is Myra the stalker, or is Browning barking up the wrong tree?

[Source: Digital Spy]

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